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Tatyana, Kiev, Ukraine, 35, Hair colour brown, Iím simple girl with positive way of thinking and life. Actually I have everything that every person can wish from life, but miss one very important thing Ė love. I really hope that here o the site I can find my beloved man, man I will share my life with, as canít find him in my country. I want to share my life with that only man who will conquer my heart. Elena, Kiev, Ukraine, 41, Hair colour auburn, Young, interesting enough, clever, entertaining personality. In general, woman it as a riddle... while will not guess, will not understand. Therefore I will not begin to deepen in the stories of Viktoria, Kiev (Vinnitsa), Ukraine, 33, Hair colour auburn, I am a big dreamer, thatís why I am here. I dream, but do not daydream, dream big but real. So far the biggest dream of my life is to find the missing piece of my puzzle to make the picture complete. Here Iím looking for somebody as cosmopolitan, positive, laid back and classy as me. I want to feel that special connection and compatibility with my partner and feel like I cant breathe and actually live without him next to me. I am Ukrainian and traditionally have strong family values. In a relationship I can offer care, understanding, warmth, tenderness and affection, emotional support, true friendship, fidelity and a lot more. Inna, Kiev (Kherson), Ukraine, 35, Hair colour auburn, I am a very optimistic lady with a good sense of humor. I am also gentle, caring and sensual. In addition I can say that I am a very romantic, affectionate, easy-going, strait forward, smart and understanding woman.II love traveling. I enjoy needlework. And I love baking cakes. I prefer to live healthy way of life and domestic comfort. I enjoy reading detective stories, watching comedies. When I have free time I enjoy spending my time on nature, dancing and listening to music. Alina, Kiev, Ukraine, 36, Hair colour blond, I am kind, tender and cheerful optimist. I am also serious and I like to achieve the set aims. I am a good friend and loving woman. I can be weak I can be strong when it is necessary. I am easy-going and friendly to everybody.  For me every new day of life suggests something new and amazing and joyful and I always begin my morning with a smile on my face.
Tatyana Elena Viktoria Inna Alina
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Margarita, Kiev, Ukraine, 38, Hair colour black, I am kind, understanding, responsible and communicative. I can derive pleasure from life and I value all what is beautiful in it.My hobbies are numerous, I  like reading, active style of life, cooking. Fond of the seaside and its fresh air. id: 5309
Name: Margarita
Country: Ukraine
Age: 38
Olga, Kiev, Ukraine, 34, Hair colour blond, I am very kind person. Also I am romantic one. Distant dreamer is one of main features of my personality. I am very creative, I am always full of new ideas. I am soft, modest, sometimes even shy... I am family-oriented and I am dreaming about family with lots of love and happiness at home. I believe in honesty, respect, understanding. I believe in the value of someoneís word and respect of otherís opinions. id: 5143
Name: Olga
Country: Ukraine
Age: 34
Lyudmila, Nikolaev, Ukraine, 30, Hair colour auburn, I am a gentle and kind person. What can I say about myself? I love everything good and kind. People say that i am too kind for this world. however i hope i can find that man in my life who can protect me during all my life. id: 3497
Name: Lyudmila
Country: Ukraine
Age: 30
Alesya, Kiev, Ukraine, 39, Hair colour auburn, I am a friendly, charming, sociable, sensual, cheerful, kind, decent, tolerant and gentle lady. id: 5831
Name: Alesya
Country: Ukraine
Age: 39
Anna (Agency partner-V), Kiev (Vinnitsa), Ukraine, 32, Hair colour auburn, I know very often people are looking for something, but they do not know what, I am an easy-going person who really likes to spend time with friends and enjoys every day. I try to enjoy it, because we never know what will be tomorrow. I always hope and believe only in the best, this is probably too naive, but I know happiness will come when you really wish and fight for it. id: 5771
Name: Anna (Agency partner-V)
Country: Ukraine
Kiev (Vinnitsa)
Age: 32
Natalia, Kiev, Ukraine, 48, Hair colour blond, I'm kind hearted, tender and sensitive person. I'm very sociable young lady with good sense of humor. You can relay on me any time, I'm always ready to give you a helping hand. I want to make a happy family with warm and strong relationship. For me the best relations are based on trust and love. id: 4618
Name: Natalia
Country: Ukraine
Age: 48
Lilia, Vinnitsa, Ukraine, 51, Hair colour blond, I am optimist, romantic, responsible, truly, I have sense of humour.  I dream to create family is found on love and confidentiality, honesty and understanding. id: 4058
Name: Lilia
Country: Ukraine
Age: 51
Elena, Kiev, Ukraine, 49, Hair colour auburn, I am cheerful, kind, caring and gentle. I am able to forgive, to listen and to understand. I will surround my soul mate with gentleness and care. I know how to make my beloved person happy but he should open his heart to me in return. I am romantic and charming. id: 4840
Name: Elena
Country: Ukraine
Age: 49
Ekaterina (Agency partner-Z), Zaporozhye, Ukraine, 36, Hair colour black, I am joyful, communicative, purposeful, kind hearted, loving, selfless and very family orientated woman by nature. I am willing to try out the internet sphere in idea of meeting my future life partner for serious and long-lasting relationship. I value honesty and reliability, know what I want in life.
I like theater, cinema, music and sport. Walks under the moon light, going to the sea-side, meeting friends, having relaxing time chilling out in a beautiful nature, love life in all its manifestations, need a special someone to share my happiness and smiley with! id: 5902
Name: Ekaterina (Agency partner-Z)
Country: Ukraine
Age: 36
Irina, Kiev, Ukraine, 33, Hair colour blond, I am an energetic and cheerful lady who enjoys life as it is. People who communicate with me say that I am calm and optimistic with modern and progressive views upon life and people. I believe there are no perfect people. But we still have to be demanding to ourselves and be constantly improving our personality. id: 4614
Name: Irina
Country: Ukraine
Age: 33
Luyba, Khmelnitskiy, Ukraine, 41, Hair colour light brown, I am clever, beautiful and very interesting lady id: 2861
Name: Luyba
Country: Ukraine
Age: 41
Tanya, Kiev (Sumy), Ukraine, 46, Hair colour blond, I am attractive, joyful, communicative, attentive, and frank, open hearted person by nature. I value honesty and feelings of those who surround me. I am always there to help those who are in need, very hardworking and caring. I am tender and gentle a true romantic. id: 5559
Name: Tanya
Country: Ukraine
Kiev (Sumy)
Age: 46
Angelika, Kiev, Ukraine, 49, Hair colour grey, I am a person that can be humorous and joyful in all circumstances. But I am very serious in all that I set out to do and I achieved a lot in life. I am rather strong and goal-oriented and I have everything I need in life accept love. I am tolerant, understanding, generous and easy-going. I love travelling and I have been to many different countries. But I would prefer to travel with my beloved man of course. Among my other interests are  movies, music, both classical and modern, theatre, learning new things and new cultures, new food. Poetry, Arts, Fitness...and so many more! I like to improve myself and grow as a personality. I do like to have fun and enjoy myself with the company of friends or going out. id: 4839
Name: Angelika
Country: Ukraine
Age: 49
Ludmila, Kiev, Ukraine, 37, Hair colour dirty blond, I am  an attractive young lady who would like to meet a nice man. id: 3028
Name: Ludmila
Country: Ukraine
Age: 37
Elena, Nikolaev, Ukraine, 48, Hair colour auburn, I love life and I love everything, that she(it) gives me. I like a nature, air, water and sun. These places - most favourite. But I love comfort and cosiness also. .I am able to create them in the house, the friends speak me, that they like to be at me on a visit and it would not be desirable to leave from me at all. But the complete family is necessary to me, because it for me and for my daughter is important, we now do not have it, but I very much hope, what not for a long time.....-)))))))))) I love to show love, care and tenderness for close and I think, that will be speed meeting the man for which it is all necessary:-)) id: 3029
Name: Elena
Country: Ukraine
Age: 48
Svetlana, Kiev, Ukraine, 40, Hair colour blond, I am kind person myself so it is important to me that a man also appreciates these qualities. I try always to be considerate, polite and punctual and I confess I find these things difficult if other people do not also try to behave like this. 
I love reading, walking along the streets or watching the star sky. I like cinema and theatre. I enjoy good music. I enjoy a nice conversation and having fun with my good friends. id: 4681
Name: Svetlana
Country: Ukraine
Age: 40
Ekaterina, Kiev (Kharkov), Ukraine, 38, Hair colour light brown, I am very family oriented, attentive and trustworthy, loving, caring and tender. I believe in true feelings and love, want to find one and thatís why I am here starting my search for my second half and partner for life. I wish my dream would come true! id: 5531
Name: Ekaterina
Country: Ukraine
Kiev (Kharkov)
Age: 38
Evangelia, Kiev, Ukraine, 32, Hair colour black, I am kindhearted, caring, joyful and communicative person, I believe that life is a miracle which is given to us as a true gift and we should be grateful for each day, finding something nice and bright to admire and appreciate.
 I fond of sports and do like to dance, I go in for swimming; I have many friends and enjoy my time spent with them in their company. I like reading and watching TV, sometimes I visit theater and cinema, and I like to travel and to see new places. id: 5532
Name: Evangelia
Country: Ukraine
Age: 32

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Tatyana, Kiev, Ukraine, 35, Hair colour brown, Iím simple girl with positive way of thinking and life. Actually I have everything that every person can wish from life, but miss one very important thing Ė love. I really hope that here o the site I can find my beloved man, man I will share my life with, as canít find him in my country. I want to share my life with that only man who will conquer my heart.
Tatyana, 35
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