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Tatyana, Kiev, Ukraine, 36, Hair colour brown, Iím simple girl with positive way of thinking and life. Actually I have everything that every person can wish from life, but miss one very important thing Ė love. I really hope that here o the site I can find my beloved man, man I will share my life with, as canít find him in my country. I want to share my life with that only man who will conquer my heart. Elena, Kiev, Ukraine, 42, Hair colour auburn, Young, interesting enough, clever, entertaining personality. In general, woman it as a riddle... while will not guess, will not understand. Therefore I will not begin to deepen in the stories of Viktoria, Kiev (Vinnitsa), Ukraine, 33, Hair colour auburn, I am a big dreamer, thatís why I am here. I dream, but do not daydream, dream big but real. So far the biggest dream of my life is to find the missing piece of my puzzle to make the picture complete. Here Iím looking for somebody as cosmopolitan, positive, laid back and classy as me. I want to feel that special connection and compatibility with my partner and feel like I cant breathe and actually live without him next to me. I am Ukrainian and traditionally have strong family values. In a relationship I can offer care, understanding, warmth, tenderness and affection, emotional support, true friendship, fidelity and a lot more. Inna, Kiev (Kherson), Ukraine, 36, Hair colour auburn, I am a very optimistic lady with a good sense of humor. I am also gentle, caring and sensual. In addition I can say that I am a very romantic, affectionate, easy-going, strait forward, smart and understanding woman.II love traveling. I enjoy needlework. And I love baking cakes. I prefer to live healthy way of life and domestic comfort. I enjoy reading detective stories, watching comedies. When I have free time I enjoy spending my time on nature, dancing and listening to music. Alina, Kiev, Ukraine, 36, Hair colour blond, I am kind, tender and cheerful optimist. I am also serious and I like to achieve the set aims. I am a good friend and loving woman. I can be weak I can be strong when it is necessary. I am easy-going and friendly to everybody.  For me every new day of life suggests something new and amazing and joyful and I always begin my morning with a smile on my face.
Tatyana Elena Viktoria Inna Alina
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Successful stories

Natalia, 34 y.o.                       
Kiev, 2004

   From Natalia:              Love story of "Lady N" and "Mister K"
   I dedicate my love story to those who believe that they may find their love through the agency "Ukraineloves". I sincerely wish that everybody would find in their hearts the great feeling that can make a person happy. My love is love at the first sight. I am happy to experience that feeling first time in my lifetime. I thank God for this! And I thank "Ukraineloves" for that too.
    P.S.Right now I know out of my experience that love comes when you do not expect her to come. I have never thought that I will receive such a big birthday present! I agreed to meet with a man who I knew nothing about but his age. I have not seen even his photo, never talked to him previously and never wrote letters to him. Perhaps, it will seem strange and unreasonable and it is not my style of life, but it was so. Secondly, another totally strange action was that I have decided that I want to be with Mister K all my life and I accepted his proposition and believed him 100 %. I donít want to say that everything was like in a fairy tale and there were no small problems. And I am happy that Katrin helped us to solve some of them. But I am glad that we had enough wisdom, respect and love to learn how to trust one another, build relations and cherish it as an important and valuable thing without which we donít imagine life right now!
   I wish you all success, hope, love, wisdom, respect, and trust! Let everybody be happy to write their love story!
Lady N.

Christopher's Story:

  He came to Kiev one year ago to find a wife. He had 2 girls he corresponded with and was serious about. One day when he walked with his girlfriend and me we saw our translator, Natalia and the man she had a date with. I pointed at Natalia, our translator and man and said to Christopher: "Here is one more of our dating couples". He looked at Natalia, Natalia looked at him and it was like a magic. He asked me if I can organize a meeting with her. I said: "Sure". Called to Natalia and she said that next day will be her birthday but of course she will meet with him.

They met each other, in several ours they held each others hands and looked happy. They spent only 2 days together. Christopher met Natalia's son Seva, they spent all the night talking about fiuture before his early morning flight. When he came to America he asked me to start making K1 for Natalia. They started to make it in September and in June Natalia and Seva came to Sacramento, California to meet him.  All this year Christopher and Natalia wrote letters to each other every day. He called her once per week. And they had private teacher to study English with. So when they came to America they could communicate pretty well. Seva now goes to American school to the class for advanced pupils. Natalia continues learning English in special school to. And Christopher is very happy as he had very difficult character and finally found the woman who has enough patience to listen to him, discuss problems and find compromises.



The wedding was on September 4th, 2005. In one of the most beautiful places in the whole America - Lake Tahoe, California. It was small but beautiful ceremony. They had limousine to take them and guests and bring to that place and small party in the restaurant. This couple now lives in Sacramento, California in their own house, have 2 kids.


Lyudmila, 20 y.o.                
    Kiev, 2005
    In serious relationship

 Sucusessful story, written by Peter B.:
   I came to Kiev, first time in September, after couple months of exchanging emails.  I was hoping to find a female friend, see a lady I was corresponding to in real, learn some Russian, do some sightseeing ...  in the beginning of September it looked really bad, as I
had an accident on a bike and hurt my knee.  I came to Kiev wearing crutches, and very worn out. 
     I met my lady the first day, and it had been wonderfull.  We had a chat in a caffe and we took a walk into a park together, I managed to climb all the steps without crutches, it was nice and sunny day.  She had a beatifull smile, and her eyes were so happy, I asked her for a phone number and since then we keep in touch
.....  we had our ups & downs as for example before Christmas smb. pushed her from a bus, and she deluged her face.  It was a big blow for me to overcome such a misfortune. Especially with medical costs!  Anyway, since then I have grown up and trying to help her financially.  I have applied for her to take up studies in the UK.  I feel so comfortable being next to her with her even Lyudmila is younger then me, but she is very mature.  I'm learning from her, about my personality, Look after her :-)  Last time while in Kiev I proposed to her.  I'm hoping to secure our relationship, overcome the distance, and live together .....  ever happy after. ;-)

 Ekaterina, 28 y.o. 

                              Kharkiv, 2005

                              Engaged to Joseph, 52 y.o, USA



                                               Victoria Mazar engaged to Marc Miller








                                                27 y.o. Vinnitsa

                                     engaged to Luis, 46 y.o. Spain


  Svetlana 22 y.o.  engaged


  Svetlana 24 y.o. Vinnitsa, engaged



    Irina 21 y.o. Kharkov, engaged


Marina 30 y.o. Saint-Petersburg married to Martyn Judd

Tired of stupid meetings


Svetlana 29 y.o., William 36 y.o.

William and I were looking to meet someone. We were tired of the bar/club scene. We both wanted to meet someone genuine.

I joined " Ukraineloves" almost year before and made some great friends online, but only friendsÖI was really disappointed. William had been online with "Ukraineloves" for only 2 months when we mey I wasn't in a hurry; I knew the right person would come along eventually.

I had a few short-term relationships since the divorce and one long term that didn't work out. I had many first dates by the traditional method, but no one seemed to have the second one. I had been on a few online dating sites...and I  was basically searching for someone for friendship... :) !   

We met in December  2005 and ... are extremely happy!!!   My child has met him and think he's lovely too. So, so far it's going extremely well, we have already realised that we have strong feelings for each other.     


William & Svetlana 







Simply Destiny;)


Christopher 40 y.o.,  Lilia 27 y.o.



I have been using "Ukraineloves" (   for some time now and in May I met a young lady on here. We had been exchanging emails via "Ukraineloves"(  for about two months  before we met for the first time on. Weíd both been single for around two years. I was the first person she met from "Ukraineloves" - as Nataly was for me.  We met  - we both realised it just felt right.  .    ... As for the future... there is one, and we will see what it brings us. 



Christopher & Lilia




I met the most beautiful and kind woman here !


Victoriya 34 y.o., Shane 41 y.o.


We dated for several months, and were married in June. As I write this, we are preparing to fly on a honeymoon to Malta (my wife was dreaming to visit it). I thank you all for your website. I was weary at first; the concept of online dating, but if it wasn't for you, I would have never met the most wonderful woman God ever created. I should only say to eevryone: take a chance. You have nothing to loose, and everything to gain!     


 Sincerely, Victoriya - Shane


Tatiana  43 y.o. Kiev, married  to American man 2006


Anna 23 y.o., Nikolev, engaged 2006







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Tatyana, Kiev, Ukraine, 36, Hair colour brown, Iím simple girl with positive way of thinking and life. Actually I have everything that every person can wish from life, but miss one very important thing Ė love. I really hope that here o the site I can find my beloved man, man I will share my life with, as canít find him in my country. I want to share my life with that only man who will conquer my heart.
Tatyana, 36
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