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Tatyana, Kiev, Ukraine, 36, Hair colour brown, Iím simple girl with positive way of thinking and life. Actually I have everything that every person can wish from life, but miss one very important thing Ė love. I really hope that here o the site I can find my beloved man, man I will share my life with, as canít find him in my country. I want to share my life with that only man who will conquer my heart. Elena, Kiev, Ukraine, 42, Hair colour auburn, Young, interesting enough, clever, entertaining personality. In general, woman it as a riddle... while will not guess, will not understand. Therefore I will not begin to deepen in the stories of Viktoria, Kiev (Vinnitsa), Ukraine, 33, Hair colour auburn, I am a big dreamer, thatís why I am here. I dream, but do not daydream, dream big but real. So far the biggest dream of my life is to find the missing piece of my puzzle to make the picture complete. Here Iím looking for somebody as cosmopolitan, positive, laid back and classy as me. I want to feel that special connection and compatibility with my partner and feel like I cant breathe and actually live without him next to me. I am Ukrainian and traditionally have strong family values. In a relationship I can offer care, understanding, warmth, tenderness and affection, emotional support, true friendship, fidelity and a lot more. Inna, Kiev (Kherson), Ukraine, 36, Hair colour auburn, I am a very optimistic lady with a good sense of humor. I am also gentle, caring and sensual. In addition I can say that I am a very romantic, affectionate, easy-going, strait forward, smart and understanding woman.II love traveling. I enjoy needlework. And I love baking cakes. I prefer to live healthy way of life and domestic comfort. I enjoy reading detective stories, watching comedies. When I have free time I enjoy spending my time on nature, dancing and listening to music. Alina, Kiev, Ukraine, 36, Hair colour blond, I am kind, tender and cheerful optimist. I am also serious and I like to achieve the set aims. I am a good friend and loving woman. I can be weak I can be strong when it is necessary. I am easy-going and friendly to everybody.  For me every new day of life suggests something new and amazing and joyful and I always begin my morning with a smile on my face.
Tatyana Elena Viktoria Inna Alina
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Antiscam policy


If you search through the information found on the internet, trying to find a wife online in the Ukraine and Former Soviet Union may seem like an impossible task.  You will undoubtedly find many sites listing stories of women who are scammers.  It is true that this can happen to men who are unwary.  Typically this can be seen most evident and in greatest number from women who are contacting men independently outside of registered agencies.  Usually the request will be for money to obtain a visa, health problems or other emergencies.  Men will send money only to never hear from the girl again.  Do not let yourself be caught in this situation!!

Why is this so and how are is what we offer different?  Simply because when a woman registers with our agency she will be screened and we will look over her passport and local contact information.  Her details can be verified with the local government and police authorities.  We can even contact her family directly to check her information for accuracy.  Reason enough that many scammers you see will not be registered with a reputable agency Ė as they know all of these details can and will be confirmed.  This alone will greatly reduce your exposure and risk to potential scammers.

However, every agency can suffer from instances of girls who may not be completely truthful.  When this happens it is our policy to immediately perform an investigation.  We will contact all parties involved and try to seek a resolution and confirm the details of what happened.  If a scam has been verified, we will do what is possible to seek the return of the money or credits spent through our agency to correspond and contact the girl.  We can offer no guarantees for the return of any money sent to the girl outside of the agency.  Directly put, we encourage everyone to not send money to anyone that they have not met in person and developed a relationship with.  Donít send money to a pretty photo that cannot be verified.

We know that sometimes during a relationship you will need to send money for one reason or another.  If you need to send money to a girl for something, please let us know.  We can establish a running account for you and dispense your money as requested.  We will do what we can make sure that the girl uses the money for exactly the purpose that she said she was going to use it for.  If she asks for money to attend English lessons we will have her enrolled with a local English teacher and verify that she is in fact attending her classes and check on her progress for you.  This is just one example of the benefits of not sending money to a lady directly.  Let us help you to make sure your hard earned money is put to the use you want it to be used for.

One thing we suggest to everyone searching for love online or through an agency is to have reasonable expectations.  People are still people everywhere in the world.  They may have flaws in personality or other issues that may not be apparent from simple correspondence and telephone calls.  So we must tell you that all correspondence and phone calls are just preparation to a meeting in person.  You will not be able to find true love sitting at your computer and just browsing a catalog.  You can do this to find a girl who may have common interests, but once you contact them and get to know them better you will need to move past the screening phase and meet in person.  The simple act of meeting can dispel many myths or confirm your fondest dreams.  There is nothing that can replace the act of looking someone in the eyes and seeing how they react to you in person.  The natural chemistry two people have cannot be faked or replaced.  This is known by most governments and is one of the reasons it is a pre-requisite for marriage and fiancťe visas.  You must meet in person.

We cannot guarantee that a meeting will work out.  As an agency we can make recommendations to you and suggestions.  We will do everything in our power to assist you on your journey.  We know all of our girls personally.  We know some of their character traits, what they like and dislike, how they respond to different situations and different types of men.  All we can do is offer this to you as our opinions and recommendations.  But it will be up to you to develop a relationship and make your own choices.  Everyone has their own free will and ability to choose their own destiny.  What you make of yours will be totally up to you and the girl that you meet.  We cannot be held liable for the choices that you or the girl makes after meeting in person.  It will be up to the two of you.

If you travel to the Ukraine to meet a girl and find that it doesnít work out or maybe donít have a girl in mind when you arrive, we can help you some there as well.  We realize that it is difficult when you donít know what to expect.  But after meeting you in person we may have some excellent insight into some of our girls who may be a good match.  Let us be your matchmakers during your local visit to the Ukraine.  We have private search services that can be used to find the most compatible match for the type of girl you are looking for.  Donít find yourself traveling thousands of miles and feel you wasted your trip.  We can do everything from arrange dates and sightseeing tours to even help you find girls outside of our current catalog.  Let us make your trip to the Ukraine a successful one.


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Tatyana, Kiev, Ukraine, 36, Hair colour brown, Iím simple girl with positive way of thinking and life. Actually I have everything that every person can wish from life, but miss one very important thing Ė love. I really hope that here o the site I can find my beloved man, man I will share my life with, as canít find him in my country. I want to share my life with that only man who will conquer my heart.
Tatyana, 36
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