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Tatyana, Kiev, Ukraine, 36, Hair colour brown, Iím simple girl with positive way of thinking and life. Actually I have everything that every person can wish from life, but miss one very important thing Ė love. I really hope that here o the site I can find my beloved man, man I will share my life with, as canít find him in my country. I want to share my life with that only man who will conquer my heart. Elena, Kiev, Ukraine, 42, Hair colour auburn, Young, interesting enough, clever, entertaining personality. In general, woman it as a riddle... while will not guess, will not understand. Therefore I will not begin to deepen in the stories of Viktoria, Kiev (Vinnitsa), Ukraine, 33, Hair colour auburn, I am a big dreamer, thatís why I am here. I dream, but do not daydream, dream big but real. So far the biggest dream of my life is to find the missing piece of my puzzle to make the picture complete. Here Iím looking for somebody as cosmopolitan, positive, laid back and classy as me. I want to feel that special connection and compatibility with my partner and feel like I cant breathe and actually live without him next to me. I am Ukrainian and traditionally have strong family values. In a relationship I can offer care, understanding, warmth, tenderness and affection, emotional support, true friendship, fidelity and a lot more. Inna, Kiev (Kherson), Ukraine, 36, Hair colour auburn, I am a very optimistic lady with a good sense of humor. I am also gentle, caring and sensual. In addition I can say that I am a very romantic, affectionate, easy-going, strait forward, smart and understanding woman.II love traveling. I enjoy needlework. And I love baking cakes. I prefer to live healthy way of life and domestic comfort. I enjoy reading detective stories, watching comedies. When I have free time I enjoy spending my time on nature, dancing and listening to music. Alina, Kiev, Ukraine, 36, Hair colour blond, I am kind, tender and cheerful optimist. I am also serious and I like to achieve the set aims. I am a good friend and loving woman. I can be weak I can be strong when it is necessary. I am easy-going and friendly to everybody.  For me every new day of life suggests something new and amazing and joyful and I always begin my morning with a smile on my face.
Tatyana Elena Viktoria Inna Alina
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About us
UkraineLoves Ė Exclusive marriage agency - We are American-Ukrainian company. It means that we own Ukrainian company which work for American company, helping men all over the world to find wife, happiness and their second half in the former USSR countries (Ukraine, Russia, Belorussia, Moldova, Kazahstan...).


                                             Reasons to work with us:

1. We are successful in what we do.  Of the men who used our services and visited the Ukraine this year, over 60% of them met their fiancee's on their first visit.  Of all men total who have used our agency this past year and visited the Ukraine, nearly 80% have become engaged to a woman while using our services through our website.  Our goal is not to sell you addresses and letters forever or string you along so that we can make money from memberships.  In fact, most men decide on the girl they will meet within 90 days of joining our agency and using our services.  Our goal is to help people find love in their lives and create happy, loving and long lasting relationships that will last a lifetime.

2.  We have personal business integrity.  We believe in what we do.  We like to see people find love in their lives.  Life is hard enough without having to spend your days alone.  We like to see people around us happy. We believe in the quality and integrity of our service, and we are always looking for new ways to improve ourselves and those around us.  We are not interested in selling you false claims and illusions just so you will use our services.  We offer our services and methods to you simply because we know they work.

     We know the industry well and know we aren't like other agencies.  We specialize in introducing you to charming, attractive marriage-minded ladies who are serious about meeting a man for marriage.  Our main goal is to help people from different countries with common values and life principles to find each other and build strong, serious relations leading to marriage. 

    We ask all men who use our services to keep in mind too that the women that they write are in fact real.  They have feelings, hopes, dreams and desires.  They have good days and bad days like anyone else.  But most of all, they are very passionate about their thoughts and feelings.  We have seen some of them have their hearts broken by men who are not serious.  So we ask any man that registers with our site to really look deep within themselves and ask themselves if they are truly ready for commitment.  Are you really ready to be married?  Are you truly ready to spend the rest of your life with a woman?  Are you really ready to open your home and your heart to another?  What are your true intentions and are they really for marriage?  If you can truthfully answer "yes" to these simple questions then we know we can help you find the answers to your dreams.

3.  We run a legal, clean and successful business.  All information about our girls is carefully and regularly checked up, added and renewed. Girls are required to come to the office for an interview and to fill out a questionnaire for screening purposes. After a regular background check, we remove girls immediately if information is outdated or if we found that they do not show real interest.

  •   Our girls are real and single.  We personally interview and select each lady. We select only ladies who are serious and have sincere intentions. We help the ladies in their search for the right soul mate. 
  •   Many girls are our exclusives.  You will see many girls in our catalog not available anywhere else on another website or from another agency. They are friends of our female clients and would never apply for help. But they come to us by recommendation of their friends happy with our services.


  •   The growing database of Ukraine Loves currently consists of about 500 ladies from Kiev, Kherson, Vinnitsa and other Ukrainian cities. We interview and add more ladies every week. In addition, we cooperate with five well known and respected agencies in the USA, Germany, and  Russia.  Though our database may not be large, it is "clean".  We constantly update and verify the information contained in it to ensure that it is accurate and that the women we represent are still interested in meeting a man.
  •   We value our individual approach that we give to everyone that uses our services.  We work personally with every man. With your requirements for a future partner in mind, we evaluate and help increase your chances of success. Recommendations based on our personal experience and knowledge of the girls will help and guide you to find the perfect woman.
  •   All our girls are real and we guarantee that they look exactly the way you see them in their photos. The majority of our ladies have a Super Photo Gallery which includes 15 or more high quality photos in different outfits, locations and styles so you can have a better idea before making a final decision if you are interested in a lady or not.
  •   We do not just work out of a single office and expect men and women to just "come to us".  We have representative offices in the USA and Germany as well as offices throughout the Ukraine for the convenience of our American and European clients and also our female clients registered with or agency.  We believe that this is the best method possible to deliver high quality services and support to our clients as they travel and visit the Ukraine.

4. We offer many Additional Services.  

  • Webcam and video conference service.  We offer you a unique possibility to see the girl of your dreams before arranging a trip to the Ukraine by ordering a webcam conference with her.  Our professional staff can arrange a webcam conference in our office at your request. 
  • Professional phone interpretation service.  After exchanging a few letters with our ladies you can CALL your favorite one and talk to her with the help of our interpreter.  Many girls may be shy about talking on the phone in English.  Our professional staff can arrange for a phone conference for you and take some of the first-call anxiety and worries away.  Let us coordinate the time of the call for you and make all of the necessary arrangements.
  • Flower and gift delivery service.  We offer our extensive GIFT GALLERY for the most romantic men to surprise your lady with flowers, sweets, perfumes and toys. Youíll get the photo of your sweetheart taken by our staff the next day after delivery with the present and flowers from you.  You will be able to see her happy face and know that she received the gift that you intended. 

  • Tours, visas and travel arrangements.  We offer tours and can make all necessary travel arrangements for your visit to the Ukraine. When you are ready to meet your future wife just inform us and we will arrange an unforgettable trip around the Ukraine for you. We can also help your future wife with all necessary documents for visiting your country.
  • Apartments in the Ukraine.  We offer several apartments for rent and can make additional arrangements at your request. Tell us exactly the type of place you are looking for and the area you wish to stay and we can make all arrangements for you.





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Tatyana, Kiev, Ukraine, 36, Hair colour brown, Iím simple girl with positive way of thinking and life. Actually I have everything that every person can wish from life, but miss one very important thing Ė love. I really hope that here o the site I can find my beloved man, man I will share my life with, as canít find him in my country. I want to share my life with that only man who will conquer my heart.
Tatyana, 36
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