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Tatyana, Kiev, Ukraine, 35, Hair colour brown, I’m simple girl with positive way of thinking and life. Actually I have everything that every person can wish from life, but miss one very important thing – love. I really hope that here o the site I can find my beloved man, man I will share my life with, as can’t find him in my country. I want to share my life with that only man who will conquer my heart. Elena, Kiev, Ukraine, 41, Hair colour auburn, Young, interesting enough, clever, entertaining personality. In general, woman it as a riddle... while will not guess, will not understand. Therefore I will not begin to deepen in the stories of Viktoria, Kiev (Vinnitsa), Ukraine, 32, Hair colour auburn, I am a big dreamer, that’s why I am here. I dream, but do not daydream, dream big but real. So far the biggest dream of my life is to find the missing piece of my puzzle to make the picture complete. Here I’m looking for somebody as cosmopolitan, positive, laid back and classy as me. I want to feel that special connection and compatibility with my partner and feel like I cant breathe and actually live without him next to me. I am Ukrainian and traditionally have strong family values. In a relationship I can offer care, understanding, warmth, tenderness and affection, emotional support, true friendship, fidelity and a lot more. Inna, Kiev (Kherson), Ukraine, 35, Hair colour auburn, I am a very optimistic lady with a good sense of humor. I am also gentle, caring and sensual. In addition I can say that I am a very romantic, affectionate, easy-going, strait forward, smart and understanding woman.II love traveling. I enjoy needlework. And I love baking cakes. I prefer to live healthy way of life and domestic comfort. I enjoy reading detective stories, watching comedies. When I have free time I enjoy spending my time on nature, dancing and listening to music. Alina, Kiev, Ukraine, 35, Hair colour blond, I am kind, tender and cheerful optimist. I am also serious and I like to achieve the set aims. I am a good friend and loving woman. I can be weak I can be strong when it is necessary. I am easy-going and friendly to everybody.  For me every new day of life suggests something new and amazing and joyful and I always begin my morning with a smile on my face.
Tatyana Elena Viktoria Inna Alina
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Welcome to UkraineLoves, the Ukrainian-American Marriage Agency.


We give you an opportunity to meet thousands of beautiful women . We also provide Correspondence, Gift DeliveryAccommodations in Ukraine, Matchmaking Services, Phone Conferences.  


We are Ukrainian marriage agency that has a reputation of a responsible and honest agency which finds matches for Ukrainian girls around the world. She might be one in a million for you, a lady of your wildest dreams who will set your heart on fire. Single, beautiful and refined Ukrainian ladies here looking for their soul mates. We offer you a wide range of online services.




1. Give her flowers for her birthday.
Candy is also good, but flowers mandatory if you're going to be taken seriously.

2. When you first send flowers, send a rose to her mother. Family is very important to romance in Ukraine. Letters are read aloud to parents and friends.

3. Write first. The male is expected to make the contact. This is much as it was in the US two generations ago. For Ukraine, that is still the way it goes.

4. Do not be slow writing letters back, if you are not "attentive" she will think you're not serious. On the other hand, she might be a little slow writing you because she lives in a more difficult place to communicate and she must have translation done too.

Read dating tips form Ukraineloves if you want to know what to do and what not to do dating Ukrainian girls.





Cities of Ukraine

With an area of 603,700 sq km in the Eastern Europe, Ukraine borders Russia to the north-east, Belarus to the north, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary to the west, Moldova and Romania to the south-west, and the Sea of Azov and Black Sea to the south. As of 1 st January, 2006 there are 457 cities in Ukraine.

The following are some of the major cities of Ukraine:

Kiev: The capital of Ukraine and also the largest city, it's located in the north central part of the country on the Dnieper River. By 2005 Kiev had 2,660,401 inhabitants. This major city of Ukraine is an important industrial, scientific, educational and cultural center of Eastern Europe.

Odessa: The fourth largest city in Ukraine, it's often referred to as “Little Paris”. This popular city of Ukraine with a population of 1,029,000 is the largest seaport in Ukraine and also a major seaport on the Black Sea. A world famous tourist's destination, it has seven theatres, plus the world famous “Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre”.

Lviv: Founded in the middle 13 th century by Galician King, Volynian, who named the city in honor of his son, Lev. It's a major metropolitan city in western Ukraine and the administrative center of Lviv Oblast. With 800,000 inhabitants the city is home to many industries and institutions of higher education. One of the well known cities of Ukraine, it's regarded as the main cultural centers and also serves as Ukraine's second major international airport.

Kharkiv: The second largest city in Ukraine and the administrative center of the Province of Kharkiv Oblast as well as Kharkivskyi Raion, it's one of the important cities of Ukraine. With a population of 1,461,300 in 2006, Kharkiv is one of the main industrial, cultural and educational centers of Ukraine. A famous landmark of Kharkiv is its Freedom Square, which is the second largest city square in Europe, and the 4th largest square in the world.




Hot Proposition


Just gathered some fresh flowers to say “Hello” and to wish you a day as bright and cheerful as you are!

Show your girl that you love her !

     Give her flowers!


To Love You...

It used to be so difficult

to feel close in a relationship,

and then you came

into my life unexpectedly

and made everything better.

Your warm eyes,

your soft laughter,

the way you speak,

and all the kindness

you've shown me,

touched my heart in a way

that no one else ever had.

And it has been easy to

get close to you

and to love you.

And I can't tell you

how much that means to me,

or how happy you've made me,

but I hope you know

how much I love you.



We would like to inform our American clients that starting from March 1st, 2006 we will have to do their  background check

before releasing our ladies' contact info or organizing meetings with them. Read more


                  Russian Easter

There are many feasts, which Russians like to celebrate. The main is the spring feast Easter. It is a light and kind feast brings belief, hope and love. Approximately 5 thousand years back Judaic tribes celebrated this spring day as a feast of calving of cattle, and then Easter was connected with beginning of harvest, later - with leaving of Jews from Egypt. Christians have enclosed other sense of this day and celebrate it in connection with resurrection of Christ. The First Ecumenical council established day of commemorating of Easter in 325 year: the first Sunday after the first spring full moon. Then it was decided to transfer an orthodox feast for one week after Jewish.

The event of resurrection of Christ has taken place in the third day after death of Jesus, not earlier than the first hours after sabbatical day. Prophets and Jesus predicted it. This day there was a great earthquake; angel came down from heavens, threw away the stone from a door of a coffin and sat on it. When devout women among whom there was also Maria Magdalena came to pray at a coffin, the angel has announced about Resurrection of Lord.

When Jesus has appeared he was accepted as a gardener and when the Magdalene has recognized him, He ordered to go to apostles and to inform them that have come to pass both the death and Resurrection of Christ. Maria obeyed and has gone, and on road told to everyone about large joy of Resurrection of Christ. The Resurrection of the God's Son defeated death of flesh and opened the way for spiritual life.



It is interesting to know… 


 Some words about Orthodoxy Orthodoxy (in Greek language ), means the proper faith. Orthododoxy is used to characterize the faith of adherents of Christianism who are members of the Greek Orthodox Church, the Russian Church and other rchdioceses that belong to the Patriarchate of Constantinople. Orthodoxy is a concept of pure faith to the Holy Trinity released from human commitments to priests or the Patriarch. The most important thing is that every religionist is a free personality, who chooses wittingly to follow the teaching of Jesus Christ. In Orthodoxy, people don't believe in preists-Pope or another human being! The only pure and holy truth is the Holy Trinity.

 In Orthodoxy people's sins are forgiven through the holy mystery of the confession, which is being done face to face with the priest and not in hidden, in order to make this procedure more difficult and therefore more sincere. The name orthodoxy came up after the Schism of Christian Church in two parts- The Orthodox and the Catholic Church.  The argument was in the frase of the Prayer in which is said that the Holy Spirit derives from God. Catholic church believes that the Holy Spirit derives also from Jesus. That's why after the Schism the Eastern Church was renamed after the term Orthodox, to claim that the real belief was it's rules and prayers. Orthodoxy includes a hudge ecclesiastic tradition of scripts and hymns. Also several of the greatest spiritual scripts are written by Orthodox monks in greek language.


Last week of the Fast is called Holy Week. Eve of Hoy Week is called Palm Sunday, a holiday of Entrance of Lord to Jerusalem. In Orthodox temples during a liturgy consecration of twigs of willow take place - this is to remind about palm twigs with which the way of Savior to capital of Judea was covered. Everyone try to get some twigs to put them by icons till next "Willow Sunday".

Easter for Christians is transition from death to eternally blessed life. Word Pasqua is Jewish one, it means passing with the Christ to other life, deliverance from death. In ordinary meaning, Easter is meant as sacred week of Resurrection of Christ during which, the Holy gates in churches remain open meaning that now Resurrection of Christ opened heaven for all.

They say that Christ and apostles during forty days wander on earth in beggarly vestment. They test human mercy, award kind and punish greedy and malicious

On eve of Easter people cook special dishes, they bake rich Easter cakes, make Easter cottage cheese cakes and paint eggs. Usually eggs are painted on Saturday, and then on Saturday are brought to the church to consecrate. There are a lot of different Easter cakes.

All paschal week people feast with rich meal with meat, eggs and other meal that were not allowed during 40 days Fast. Celebratory tables burst with many different dishes.

Egg is the main paschal symbol of resurrection as and egg brings new essence. There is an old Russian Easter tradition - in this day people greet each other with three times kisses and with words "Christ arise!" At paschal greeting and salutation believers give each other red eggs. This custom comes from old times. When Maria Magdalene came to emperor Tiberius, she brought him as a gift a red egg with salutation "Christ has arisen!" Red color " is color of blood on the cross that Christ shed for atonement sins of the world.

In order to dye eggs it is possible to use fuchsine, onions peel, and bright scraps of silk. In different regions Paschal eggs has own ornament and manner of drawing.

For coloring eggs it is the best to use onion peel, which is gathered in advance. Depending on color of peel coloring of eggs vary from bright red to dark brown. If you want color to be more saturated take more peel and boil it about 30 minutes. To protect eggs from cracking during boiling add into water some salt. Do not place cold egg (from a fridge) into boiling water; let them to warm during half of hour.

Lady's Interview

"My dream to meet unigue,the kind man, which dreams about present
to strong family. I want to meet the reliable man, which becomes to
me the husband, and the father to my son.>>

“I am a positive person who likes to help other people. I am honest, trustworthy, romantic, and feminine.  I am cheerful and like to make people happy..>>

 “I fell in love with the mountains while I was on a trip to Poland. You feel yourself so incredibly happy when you realize their real beauty. Time flies differently there ….” narrates Maria referring to her last experience in the mountains.>>

We wrote and spoke to each other every day, but I was just too shy to meet him. I guess I was too afraid of being hurt again. Finally, a month later, we met and hit it off immediately. I even called my mom on the way home from the date and told her that I had met the man I was going to marry someday!

I believe that everything happens for a reason....and it all brought me to Rayne. I couldn't have asked for a better mate for life. And it's refreshing to be with a man that even thinks like me...on the same intellectual level ...

Nina about her fiance Reginald:

"I am a 28 yr old divorced female. Although, I have been divorced for 6 years, my dating life has been a nightmare. I was meeting guys in all types of ways, and have had a lot of heartache. I have often wondered if I was ever going to find anyone again. My past relationships have been both verbally & physically abusive. I had just about given up, when I was stumbling through the personal ads online, and came across an ad from a guy that lived 10 minutes away from me. His photo & ad caught my eye, so I decided to give him a try. After exchanging a few emails, he called me and we met and went out. I have come to find out, our fathers' have known each other for over 10 years, and we have been crossing paths for sometime now. He is the sweetest, most romantic guy I have ever known, from opening my car door, to bringing me roses. We are now inseparable. For anyone out there who is thinking about giving up on meeting their special someone... good things come to those who wait!

David about Natalia :

“I was in a chat room, as most online romances happen. I had been on the Internet and chatting for almost three years. I was bored one afternoon, so I decided to go into a chat room. I had been in this particular room many times before, and met some very interesting people in it. While I was in there, I noticed two girls talking. One was married and had kids, and the other was asking questions like what is was like to be a mother, etc. I was most interested in her, she sounded so sweet. So I decided to start chatting with her. We didn't get to chat long, because of the 6-hour time difference, but it was a wonderful chat. She was a few years younger than me. We got to talking about many things, mostly music though. Before she had to leave she gave me her e-mail address. A few days later while I was online someone IM'd me, and it was her. She told me who it was and we started chatting. Like most people, we had many things in common. We had similar views on life, etc. After many more conversations, I realized I was really starting to like this girl. I had promised myself before that it's just not right for people over the Internet to be "in love," and that I'd never do such a thing. It just didn't seem right to me. Since, I thought, you never knew whom you are really talking to. Well, my opinions started to change, very quickly too. Weeks later our relationship really started to get serious. I almost felt ashamed at first, because it was on the Internet, but I don't worry about it now. All I have to say is that I have never loved someone so much before. Whoever says you can't love online, obviously hasn't.”

It is interesting to know !

Tea is popular in many countries and each country has own traditions and preferences in drinking of tea. Russia is the country where tea-drinking formed into individual tradition. History of Russian tea-drinking ceremony has began int 1638 when Russian Tsar Michael Fedorovich got special diplomatic gift from Altyun-Khan, ruler of Mongolia. Till that time Russians did not know anything about tea and used to soft drinks based on honey.When friends visit somebody hosts invite them to have a cup of tea. This "cup of tea" is not just a tea but a lots of cookies, sandwiches, other meal. Each feast ends with tea-drinking with candies and cakes. Till present time when bagged tea got popular in the world Russians still prefer tea prepared in old classical way when tea is put into a tea-pot and then poured with boiling water - nothing special but only this way can provide good taste of tea. Every family has several porcelain tea-pots of different sizes and different decoration. Tea-pots with plain decoration are used for everyday tea-drinking, more festive tea-pots are use for more ceremonial feasts.


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Tatyana, Kiev, Ukraine, 35, Hair colour brown, I’m simple girl with positive way of thinking and life. Actually I have everything that every person can wish from life, but miss one very important thing – love. I really hope that here o the site I can find my beloved man, man I will share my life with, as can’t find him in my country. I want to share my life with that only man who will conquer my heart.
Tatyana, 35
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